Say Goodbye to Your Dental Stains
By Revive Neuromuscular Aesthetic Dentistry
May 04, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Nothing takes away from the beauty of your smile quite like a dental stain. When your entire smile is stained, it’s enough to make you avoidteeth whitening close encounters and cover your teeth in photos. Luckily, easy solutions are available—a dentist at Revive Neuromuscular Aesthetic Dentistry in Washington D.C. can remove those stains rather quickly in just one professional teeth whitening appointment.

Dental Stains Aren’t Permanent
Even if you can’t brush away a dental stain at home, you should know that most stains are not permanently embedded into the enamel. Many discolorations can be lightened with dental bleaching solution. Dental stains are caused by the colors from foods and drinks settling into the ridges of the enamel. If you think about how often you drink a cup of coffee, or chew fruits like blueberries or raspberries, you’ll understand why your teeth change colors over time.

Teeth Whitening for Stains
Your Washington D.C. dentist will not only get rid of the dental stains, but also brighten your entire smile by several shades during a teeth whitening treatment. A special gel is painted on the teeth, then a light activates the whitening agent. It is a relaxing and comfortable appointment that lasts about an hour. If you have gum sensitivities, in-office whitening is your best option for dental stain removal.

Maintaining a Stain-Free Smile
When you look in the mirror at your teeth after a whitening treatment, you’ll finally see a bright white smile that you can be proud of. Keep your smile stain-free by avoiding drinking and eating the same foods that caused the stains to appear. If you must have these foods, take precautions to avoid chewing (or sipping beverages) with your front teeth. Also, keep a brush handy for quick maintenance throughout the day.

Whiter, Brighter, Better
Have a dentist at Revive Neuromuscular Aesthetic Dentistry in Washington D.C. take a look at your dental stains. A bleaching treatment can make a major difference in the quality of your smile for years. Call (202) 363-3399 or (202) 363-2155 today for an appointment with Dr. Shila Yazdani or Dr. Michael Mortazie.