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By Revive Neuromuscular Aesthetic Dentistry
November 06, 2018
Category: Dental Implant
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Are you missing teeth? Dental implants are a great option for replacing lost teeth. A dental implant is a metal post that is surgically placed in the jawbone. Dr. Shila Yazdani and Dr. Michael Mortazie at Revive Neuromuscular Aesthetic Dentistry, in Washington, DC, offer dental implants to their patients.

1. You have missing teeth.

Tooth loss can ruin an otherwise perfect smile. Missing teeth also make people appear older than they are. Dental implants will fill in your smile's gaps and improve your appearance. Looking one's best is an advantage in today's world. A growing number of adults are getting dental implants to improve their appearance. 

2. You have eating problems.

Missing teeth can keep you from enjoying the foods you love. It's difficult to eat and chew properly when you have missing teeth. Dental implants will give you the ability to chew all of your favorite foods again. Dental implants will give you the ability to eat with comfort and confidence. 

3. You have good bone density.

If you have good bone density at the implant site, you may be a good candidate for implants. You need a sufficient amount of bone in order to adequately support dental implants. If your bone is too soft or is not thick enough, you may require a bone graft before you can have dental implants placed.

Dental implants will allow you to live the way you want to- smiling, talking, eating, and enjoying everyday activities without worrying about your teeth. Don't wait another minute- call Revive Neuromuscular Aesthetic Dentistry at 202-363-3399 today to schedule a dental consultation in Washington, DC. You can trust us to give you the beautiful smile you deserve.

By Revive Neuromuscular Aesthetic Dentistry
July 03, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

How dental implants from your dentists in Washington, D.C. can complete your smiledental implants

Do you have gaps in your smile that make you self-conscious? If you are living with a smile that is incomplete due to missing teeth, it’s time to think about the best way to complete your smile, dental implants! Drs. Shila Yazdani and Michael M. Mortazie at Revive Neuromuscular Aesthetic Dentistry want to share how dental implants can close the gaps in your smile. They have two convenient offices in Washington, D.C. and serve residents of the Washington, D.C. and Chevy Chase area.

There are many reasons why you might be missing teeth. Tooth decay, dental trauma, an accident or injury, periodontal disease, or genetics are just a few. Whatever the reason is for your missing teeth, dental implants can help by replacing a single missing tooth, or several missing teeth. Dental implants can also provide strong support for a denture, called an overdenture.

When you choose dental implants, you will enjoy benefits and advantages that can’t be equaled by other tooth replacement methods like partials, dentures, or bridges. Consider that dental implants are:

  • Naturally beautiful; the dental implant crown is made of materials that reflect light, just like natural tooth enamel.
  • Completely stable; dental implants are firmly embedded in bone, so they will never move.
  • Easy care; you brush and floss the implants right along with your natural teeth.

They also help conserve the bone in your jaw, which means a firm, younger-looking jawline for you. Dental implants help to restore facial contours, giving you a younger-looking face.

If you want to close the gaps in your smile, it’s time to choose dental implants, the closest thing to your natural teeth. Restore the strength and beauty of your smile with dental implants by calling Dr. Shila Yazdani and Dr. Michael M. Mortazie at Revive Neuromuscular Aesthetic Dentistry, serving residents of the Washington, D.C. and Chevy Chase area. Call today!

By dryazandi
November 28, 2017
Category: Implant Dentistry

Patients who have missing teeth or major tooth and gum problems often have questions about dental implants. Implants are the modern solution for replacing teeth and are now often preferred over other solutions like dentures and bridges. Here are a few of the most common frequently asked questions about dental implants, answered. Having more knowledge of this dental treatment may inspire you to take action and call your Washington, D.C. dentist to see if you’re a candidate for this procedure.Dental Implants

How Do Dental Implants Work?
Dental implants are designed to serve the same purpose as the root of a tooth. They are small titanium devices that resemble screws that are inserted into the bone tissue below the gumline. When the implant heals into the bone, which may take several months, an abutment and permanent crown are placed on the top. With a porcelain or ceramic crown, the implanted tooth is indistinguishable from your other teeth.

Why Are Dental Implants the Best Solution?
The main reason why dental implants are the ideal solution is that they are permanent. Once they’re installed, they’re no different than any of your other teeth in terms of function and appearance. They also help keep the bone tissue healthy and strong. When you get dentures or bridges, the bone tissue can degrade over time. 

Who Can Get Dental Implants?
Only patients who have generally good dental health can get dental implants. Viable bone tissue is needed to ensure that the implants will stay rooted. That’s why it’s important to see a dentist for a tooth implant as early as possible. In some cases, a bone grafting procedure can help improve a patient’s chances of having a dental implant integrate successfully.

How Long Will Dental Implants Last?
For patients of a certain age, a dental implant has a good chance of lasting for a lifetime. The crown part of the implant can last for up to 15 years before it may need to be replaced. Seeing your dentist at least two times every year for professional cleanings and becoming meticulous about at-home dental care will ensure that the implant (and your other teeth) stays strong and healthy.

Contact your Washington, D.C. Dentist

Dental implantation is a straightforward and effective procedure that can help improve your dental health and the appearance of your smile. Call your Washington, D.C. dentist to schedule an appointment.