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While everyone deserves to have a balanced, beautiful smile, many people do not pursue it because they do not want orthodontic treatment.  Now, there is a way to correct misaligned teeth without traditional metal or ceramic braces:  Invisalign® clear braces.  Revive is pleased to provide this option for patients in Washington, D.C., Chevy Chase, Alexandria, Bethesda, and beyond, since Invisalign® provides the benefits of braces without much of the hassle.  Dr. Shila Yazdani and Dr. Michael M. Mortazie are talented Invisalign® providers who can give you the gorgeous smile of your dreams. 

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is a system for straightening the teeth that uses a series of clear plastic aligners similar to teeth whitening trays.  The aligners are custom-crafted by Invisalign® laboratory technicians, who use special computer technology to map out the treatment process from start to finish.  Each set of aligners moves the teeth a step closer to their final position.  Revive has found that more and more patients from all over the D.C. area, including Bethesda, Alexandria, and Chevy Chase, are contacting us for Invisalign®, since treatment with these clear, removable aligners is incredibly convenient and inconspicuous.

The Invisalign® Process

The Invisalign® process begins with a complimentary consultation in which Dr. Yazdani or Dr. Mortazie helps determine whether Invisalign® is the right treatment for the patient.  If it is, the patient returns for an initial office visit, during which our team takes pictures and molds of the teeth and mouth and sends them to the Invisalign® laboratory.  There, lab technicians use the pictures and molds to custom-craft the aligners.  When the first set of trays is ready, the patient returns to our office to pick up the aligners and receive detailed instructions on how to wear them.  The trays are worn all the time and removed only to eat, drink, brush, and floss.  Every six weeks, the next set of trays is ready for the patient to pick up.  Patients simply change out their trays every two weeks, visiting Revive periodically to have their progress monitored.  When the trays are worn as directed, many patients enjoy finished results in about 18 months or less. 

ClinCheck® Technology - Previewing Your Smile

Our Washington, D.C. office provides ClinCheck® technology, which allows a patient considering Invisalign® to view an animated 3D representation of his or her entire treatment plan and projected outcome, before the first aligner is even crafted.  ClinCheck® accepts patient feedback about the final result so the treatment can be adjusted accordingly.  Once the patient accepts the proposed treatment, Invisalign® technicians begin crafting the first set of aligners.

If you would like to learn more about whether clear braces are the treatment for you, contact our cosmetic dentistry practice in Washington, D.C. to schedule a complimentary Invisalign® consultation. 

Benefits of Invisalign®

The many benefits of Invisalign® draw patients from Chevy Chase and other communities near our D.C. practice.  Invisalign® trays are removable, so patients can still enjoy their favorite foods and brush and floss with ease.  One of the most discreet straightening systems available, Invisalign® aligners are practically invisible, making them especially popular among adult patients seeking a subtle solution for misalignment.  The trays are comfortable and do not cause any of the irritation that is common with metal braces.  Patients can expect fewer office visits than with traditional orthodontics.  Invisalign® can also be part of a total smile makeover when combined with teeth whitening and other aesthetic treatments; visit our Smile Makeover Gallery to see some of the results that are possible with cosmetic dentistry.

Contact Us for Invisalign®

If you want to straighten your teeth but do not want traditional braces, Invisalign® may be the solution.  Patients from all over the Washington, D.C. area, including Alexandria, Bethesda, and beyond, can schedule an Invisalign® consultation today! We look forward to giving you the chance to enjoy the stunning smile of your dreams.

Invisalign Treatment in Chevy Chase-area

Ready for Invisalign? Call Revive Neuromuscular Aesthetic Dentistry in Washington, D.C. today at (202) 363-3399 to schedule a consultation!

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