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Oral Surgery Specialist

Revive Dentistry

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Thanks to modern treatment techniques and medications, oral surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. At Revive Dentistry in Washington D.C., expert dentists Michael Mortazie, DDS, Shila Yazdani, DDS, and their team proudly offer a full suite of oral surgery offerings, including wisdom tooth extractions, dental implant placement, and biopsies. To request your oral surgery appointment today, call the office or use the online booking tool.

Oral Surgery Q & A

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery, also known as oral and maxillofacial surgery, is a branch of surgery that works to treat problems with the face, mouth, and jaws. Though many oral health problems respond to conservative methods of care, sometimes surgical intervention is necessary. 

Are there different types of oral surgery?

At Revive Dentistry, the team regularly performs several types of oral surgery, including:

Tooth extractions

If you develop a cavity or have impacted wisdom teeth, your Revive Dentistry provider might recommend an extraction. The team regularly performs both traditional and surgical extractions. Prior to pulling a tooth, your dentist administers a local anesthetic, ensuring your comfort.

Dental implants

Dental implant surgery involves your Revive Dentistry provider placing a series of small, metal posts into the spaces where your teeth used to sit. Following surgery,  your bone tissue grows around each post, fusing them to your jaw.

Oral biopsies

An oral biopsy is a type of surgery used to diagnose oral cancer. During this type of surgery, your Revive Dentistry provider removes a small sample of soft tissue and sends it to a laboratory for further testing. 

Corrective jaw surgery

If you fracture your jaw or have misaligned jaws, your dentist might recommend corrective jaw surgery. This type of operation restores jaw function, making chewing, speaking, and biting easier. It can also improve the physical appearance of your mouth and jaws, and in turn, your confidence.

Surgery for TMJ and sleep apnea

If you have sleep apnea, your dentist might recommend oral surgery to remove the excess tissue at the back of your throat. If you have TMJ and conservative methods of care don’t ease your symptoms, your dentist might recommend surgery to relieve chronic jaw pain.

Reconstructive surgery

If you lose permanent teeth as a result of an automobile accident or sports-related injury, reconstructive surgery can restore your smile as well as the function of your teeth and jaws. 

Cleft lip/palate surgery

The team also performs cleft lip and cleft palate surgery. Cleft lips and cleft palates are two of the most common congenital disabilities. These surgeries are safe, effective, and can restore your child’s confidence and self-esteem.

What type of oral surgery will I most benefit from?

To determine the type of oral surgery you’ll most benefit from, make an appointment at Revive Dentistry. Following an oral exam, review of your medical history, and discussion of your goals for treatment, your provider can make a recommendation that aligns with your individual needs.

Request your oral surgery consultation at Revive Dentistry today by calling the office or using the online booking tool.