The greatest compliment a dentist can receive is the praise of his or her patients. We are pleased to have had several patients in the Washington, D.C. area provide these testimonials about their Smile Makeover experiences at Revive.

My life before doing the neuro-muscular treatment was experiencing a minimum of four migraines per week. I had been suffering from periodic migraines since I was a child and over the years they increased dramatically. A couple of years ago I found myself going through a bottle of Excedrin easily in a week’s time. The migraines had become so frequent that I finally went to visit a Neurologist who ordered an MRI and prescribed several different types of medications over a period of a few months. The migraines decreased slightly, but the effects of the 5 to 7 medications made me experience many other symptoms. I was always sick to my stomach, incredibly drowsy, dizzy and the list goes on. She then had to prescribe a medication for the severe nausea I’d experience due to migraines and the medications. I was even put on short-term disability for a year. Migraines affected my relationships as well. Many times I was unable to focus on the needs of my husband and children and that hurt me more than the migraines themselves. I love creating poetry. It's always been as important as the air I breathe, but suffering from migraines caused my creativity to all but somewhat cease to exist.I had gone from writing every day to never writing at all.

After trying nearly every medication under the sun and still suffering from migraines and the horrible side effects from different prescribe medications, I spoke with my Neurologist about a commercial I saw on neuro-muscular therapy. It just so happens that she was recently given Dr. Yazdani’s & Dr. Mortazie'scard the prior week.

The way I saw it is that migraines had stolen precious time from my family and me and I had taken all I could take! At this point, I was willing to try just about anything to get rid of migraines and regain my life.

This treatment has changed my life tremendously. It’s almost like turning 21 and moving out of my parent's house, or getting my drivers license, or buying my 1st home or better yet, eating a huge slice of my mother-in-law's homemade sweet potato pie! It’s liberating! I’m back at work, I’ve written more poetry than I ever have before, I’m exercising and my children have their mommy back! Oh, and my relationship with my husband is ON FIRE! He’s extremely happy to have his wifey back!

I have and will continue to recommend this practice to family, friends, and strangers too! The doctors and the staff have become apart of my family and they’ve always made me feel as if I were a part of theirs. The level of patient service has always been 100%. I’m not exaggerating when I say that an office visit is almost like going to a spa. There are always smiling faces to greet you and they actually take the time to listen and address every question and/or concern. I look forward to each and every visit.


Kimberley L. Reed


Extremely Satisfied Patient

About 6 months before coming to Dr. Yazdani, I had begun to notice that my jaw popped every morning when I woke up. At first the popping was not painful, but eventually, my jaw began to feel sore afterward. By the time I called Dr. Yazdani’s office, I was in a lot of pain – to the extent that it hurt for me to chew food. When I called Dr. Yazdani’s, I described the problem, Kiersten, the receptionist, was quite familiar with the issue and was able to give me an appointment for the next day as well as describe what the treatment would entail.

When I met with Dr. Yazdani, she did a complete evaluation of the problem – even checking my posture and the condition of my back and neck muscles, along with my bite and jaw. At first, this seemed a bit strange, but Dr. Yazdani then thoroughly explained how everything from the pain I felt while chewing, to the jaw popping, to my posture, to the frequent and dull headaches I tended to wake up with were all related to TMJ.

I then did a 1-hour session of a process called tensing where my jaw muscles are connected to a machine that sends them electronic pulses which cause the jaw muscles to relax. After just one session I was able to eat and chew food comfortably again. I even noticed an immediate change in the alignment of my teeth.

I was later fitted for an orthotic that I wear over my bottom teeth. This orthotic keeps me from grinding my teeth. I have learned to talk, sleep and eat with it, which although strange at first, has grown to become comfortable. With the orthotic and weekly/biweekly tensing sessions, the popping of my jaw has stopped completely, and I never feel pain while chewing.

I’m very grateful to Dr. Yazdani and her knowledgeable team for the courteous, prompt, thorough and first-rate treatment that I received here.

Kimberly McClure

Dear Dr. Yazdani:

I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the smile I always wanted. It has really changed my life and how I feel about myself. For the longest time, I would never show the world my true smile because I felt so self-conscious about it. So as an adult, I had braces for 5 years to correct the huge gap between my front teeth. After my braces were removed, the gap started coming back due to me not wearing my retainer properly. I must admit the retainer was certainly a strain on my social life!

Then I meet you through my sister. I noticed her smile last summer and I couldn’t figure out what she did until she explained that she visited you and had some work done. Her smile was out of this world and I wanted it!
I am so happy that my sister referred me to you. Now I’m smiling all the time. I even laugh at jokes that aren’t funny, just so I can smile.
Thank you so much and please extend my gratitude to your wonderful dental staff.

With warmest regards,
LaShae A. Ferguson
L.A. Design Collective, LLC Owner


Dear Dr. Yazdani & Dr. Mortazie

I am writing to thank you again for the great dental work you did for me. As you know, my work involves a great deal of public speaking and interaction with the public. The first impression I create is very important in the work that I do, and appearance is part of that. My new, improved smile has undoubtedly enhanced the impression I create and it has added to my confidence as I go about my work. Of course, my social life has benefited, too.

Thanks again for your good work.

Dan D.


Dear Dr. Yazdani,

I’ve always been a “people person”, but I would rarely smile because of the spaces and gap that I had. People would always say, “Smile, it can’t be that bad!” But I didn’t feel comfortable smiling because I was embarrassed by my front gap.

Some years ago, I did get braces to close my gap, and I was pleasantly surprised, but to my surprise after wearing braces for 2 ½ years, I had to wear a retainer that was very painful and uncomfortable, so I didn’t wear it as instructed and unfortunately, my gap reappeared. Though the gap was smaller than before, I often wondered “How would it feel to have a perfect smile?”

After a consultation with Dr. Yazdani, who explained the procedure to me and assured me of the care and little time it would take, I was gamed.

Initially, I was very nervous, even though all my questions were answered, I still felt like, “Is this really going to work?”

The “temporaries” is what I received first and I was pleasantly pleased, to say the least. Immediately, I started just smiling more and more. But, when I received my permanent perfect smile, I felt "How could it get better?” Well, it did – they look so natural, beautiful and perfect for me – I have only one problem now and that is with my jaws. “What” you say? Now I smile all the time… I think I even smile in my sleep!

Thanks, Dr. Yazdani

Kim Fisher


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